Diamond Coring / Diamond Core Drilling
T-SET (M) SDN.BHD. has full range of core bits ready to service our customer. we can diamond core from 10mm to 600mm diameter.T-SET (M) SDN.BHD. owns electric, and hydraulic diamond coring for your requirements. T-SET (M) SDN.BHD. finished product meets the highest standard of excellence. Providing very neat, clean holes through all types of reinforced concrete, marble, brickwork and block work.
Key Benefits
  • Coring is the cleanest, most economical way to penetrate a concrete wall, slab with a round hole.
  • Diamond Coring is a cleanest and efficient way method for making penetrations for services.
  • Coring can be done at very depth when using barrel extensions.
  • Coring diameter start at 10mm to 600mm or more if required.
  • Coring machines can be operates in either vertical or horizontal direction.
  • Coring equipments can be power by electric and hydraulic.
  • Coring is a quiet and efficient, non-vibration of forming holes.
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